Sri Lanka court rejects former Litro Gas chairman’s request for overseas travel

The Colombo Fort Magistrate today rejected a request made by the former Chairman of Litro Gas Company Shalila Munasinghe seeking court’s permission to travel abroad.

Shalila Munasinghe, who was charged with defrauding and misappropriation of funds from a Taiwanese bank, has requested the court to grant him permission to travel to Canada for two weeks.

Munasinghe and three others are accused of hacking into a computer network of Far Eastern International Bank in Taiwan and transferring millions of dollars from the bank into accounts set up by them.

The suspects have illegally obtained Rs. 300 million and the authorities have been able to recover Rs. 201 million of the sum.

Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne rejecting the motion said the charges against Shalila Munasinghe were very serious.


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