Tamil Diaspora group expresses displeasure at TNA

A US based Tamil Diaspora group has reportedly called for an investigation on the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) claiming the TNA MPs have abandoned their duties and responsibilities.

The organization calling themselves ‘Tamils for Trump’ has said the TNA was elected to Parliament to merge the North-East and establish federalism for Tamils by conversing with the US, EU, and India, so that Tamils can live safely and securely in a Tamil Homeland in the North-East.

However, the TNA has been accused of failing to converse with the US, the EU, and India, but instead conversing with the Sinhalese.

“These Tamil MPs have abandoned the North-East merger, federalism and instead have enabled a foremost place for Sinhala Buddhism. Presently we have learned that these MPs were consulting in return for their parliamentary votes, supporting the Government’s legislation for 2 Million rupees. This is a payoff — a bribe. No Tamil party has ever done this, except Tamil paramilitary groups,” Tamils for Trump has reportedly claimed.

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