The Government of Sri Lanka has an option. Consider this..

Continuing to make social security or Samurdhi payments for 6 months – it’s better known as biting the bullet – will cost

Rs 5,000 per month x 3,000,000 families x 6 months

Rs 90,000,000,000 (90 Billion) (USD 456 million)

The cost of importing 32 million doses of VACCINES is USD 373.1 Million or

Rs 78,000,000,000 (78 Billion)

by further delaying the immediate procurement and deployment of the vaccine program the government is FURTHER risking the already tottering and shaky economy.

Is it not better to put TOTAL – ALL – Effort towards the Vaccination program immediately or

face the risk of further eroding government revenue which will lead to grave consequences even a failed-state status?

Faraz Shauketaly