A board of directors appointed to regulate Army peace keeping services

A board of directors appointed to regulate Army peace keeping services

A board of directors has been appointed to regulate Sri Lanka Army’s overseas peace keeping services and the board is operational from the 12th of this month.

According to a concept of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, the new Board of Directors has been established at a ‘Sama Medura’ set up at the Old Dutch building in Colombo.

Major General Mervin Perera has been appointed as the Director of Overseas Operations.

The new Board of Directors consists of several units including the Operations Division, the Human Rights Unit, the Training Division and the Peace Planning Division.

The United Nations Peace keeping operations have been appropriately designed to formally and systematically provide the necessary support for regional peacekeeping duties in the modern world.

The Board can be introduced as an institution established to provide troops with the ability to act legally and with discipline and skills necessary to overcome the challenges in the future world when providing peace keeping services.

It is further expected to deploy a military force complete with experience and skills to peacekeeping missions, as required by international peacekeeping forces.

According to the capabilities of the Army, troops representing infantry, engineering, de-mining, and use of military equipment will be able to provide peace keeping services. Measures are being taken to use female soldiers in peace keeping duties as well in the future.

Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake said that by deploying military and police personnel with a high level of discipline for peacekeeping operations, opportunity will be presented to deploy more troops for international peacekeeping operations.

Moreover, Sri Lanka time to time has deployed over 20,000 military personnel for peacekeeping operations for more than thirty years, and they have provided a commendable service recognized internationally, the Commander noted.

A large number of troops are currently being engaged in peacekeeping operations, he added.

The Commander said the Sri Lankan peacekeeping forces has received greater recognition in the world due to the experience of the country’s security forces in the total eradication of terrorism.

He expressed expectation that Sri Lanka Army’s peace keeping troops will be an example to the world.

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