Four including wife arrested over murder in Matara

Four including wife arrested over murder in Matara

Four suspects including the wife of the victim have been arrested over shooting a man dead in Urubokka, Matara.

Officers of Matara Crime Investigation Division had arrested the suspects in Balangoda and Walasmulla areas.

On 22nd October, an employees of the the Pasgoda Divisional Secretariat was shot dead in Akuressawatte area at around 9.25 am. The deceased was identified as a 44-year-old named E.S. Chaminda Dayarathne, residing in Akuressawatte in Walasmulla.

The murder suspects had arrived on a motorcycle and opened fire at the victim who had been riding a motorcycle.

Reportedly, the wife of the victim has had an extra-marital affair with the main suspect for the shooting.

Police have found 2 live ammunition and the relevant firearm on the arrested suspects.

The four suspects are to be presented before the Morawaka Magistrate’s Court.

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