Israeli airstrike kills ten Palestinians including children in Gaza

10 Palestinian civilians, including were killed in an Israeli aerial bombardment in Gaza City.

A search for the missing people buried in the debris is underway.

Israeli planes bombed a house belonging to the Abu Hatab family in the Al-Shati refugee camp, Health Ministry sources cite.

Eight children and two women are among the deceased; Yasemin Hassan (31) and Yamin (5), Bilal (10) and Yusuf (11) from the Abu Hatab family, and Muha (36), Abdurrahman (8), Suheyb (14), and Yahya (11) from the Al-Hadidi family.

Speaking to the media, a senior ministry official said that the sole survivor of the attack was a 2-month-old baby, calling the assault a “massacre.”

The death toll since the Israeli attacks started Monday to 139, including 39 children and 22 women, while 950 have been injured.