Northern railway line under repairs after derailment

Baustelle Rastatt am 21.08.2017 Foto: Thomas Niedermüller / DEUTSCHE BAHN

Repairs commenced on the northern railway line after it was damaged due to a train derailment.

A train which was traveling between Medawachchiya and Parasangaswewa, on the Northern Railway Line, was stalled since 8.03 p.m on Tuesday, November 14, owing to a derailment.

According to the Railway Control Room, the ‘Rajarata Rajina’ which was travelling from Colombo – Fort to Vavuniya, derailed at around 9 p.m. on November 14.

Three trains were delayed due to the derailment. One was to travel from Colombo Fort to Vauniya, and two other trains were to travel from Jaffna and Vauniya to Colombo Fort.

The 5:10 a.m. train which was to commence its journey from Mount Lavinia to Kankesanthurai was cancelled.

However, the ‘Yaal Devi’ train, set off at 5:45 a.m from Mount Lavinia to arrive in Anuradhapura, as scheduled.