Sri Lanka confirms appointment of former Secretary to the President Austin Fernando as envoy to India

Former Secretary to President Maithripala Sirisena and distinguished civil servant Austin Fernando has been designated as Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to India, the Government Information Department said.

The country’s top civil servant retired last month from his post as Secretary to the President.

Meanwhile, current Ambassador to South Korea, Manisha Gunasekara, a career diplomat, has been nominated to serve as Sri Lanka’s new High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. The appointment of a head of mission to fill the vacancy in London, comes after a lapse of six months. Sri Lanka’s former High Commissioner to UK resigned in February 2018.

Anuruddha Kumara Mallikarachchi has been nominated Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to South Africa.

All three ambassadorial designates will appear before the Parliamentary Committee on High Posts on August 8.

In addition the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday that Prof. Anusha Cooray has been appointed as Ambassador to Norway and former cabinet minister Nandimithra Ekanayake has already assumed duties as new ambassador to Myanmar on 20th July.

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