Two protestors arrested for damaging Puttalam landfill construction site

Two protestors arrested for damaging Puttalam landfill construction site

Wanathawilluwa Police have apprehended two persons over the damaging of property of the landfill under construction in Arukkalu-Wanathawilluwa.

Nearly 1000 people had gathered in protest against the new landfill currently being built in the area, yesterday (09).

Protesters commenced a protest march from Serakkuliya village, last morning, towards the lagoon and the land in which the garbage dump was being built.

They pointed out that when all harmful factories have already been built in Puttalam, building a landfill as well in Puttalam is a great issue.

The protest had seen Chinese workers in the landfill construction site to abandon their work and return back to their abodes.

As no one had arrived to take heed of their protest, a group of provoked protestors had smashed a window of a building in the construction site.

Subsequently, the OIC of Wanathawilluwa Police arrived at the scene and requested the protestors to settle any disputes over discussion. Accordingly, the protestors had dispersed by afternoon.

One of the arrestees is a SLPP member of the Wanathawilluwa Municipal Council, revealed the Police.

The arrested suspects will be presented at the Puttalam Magistrate’s Court and Wanathawilluwa Police is conducting further investigations.

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