WHO chief criticizes “shocking imbalance” in global vaccine divide

WHO chief criticizes “shocking imbalance” in global vaccine divide

The World Health Organization (WHO) criticised the “shocking imbalance” in the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines between rich and poor countries and called for a fairer distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

It is leading the Covax scheme which is designed to get jabs to poorer nations, more than 38 million doses have been delivered to around 100 countries under the scheme.

The Covax scheme had been expected to distribute at least 100 million doses worldwide by the end of March, but only 38 million jabs have been delivered so far.

“We hope to be able to catch up during April and May,” Dr Tedros said.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus criticised countries that sought their own vaccine deals outside of the Covax scheme.

“Some countries and companies plan to do their own bilateral vaccine donations, bypassing Covax for their own political or commercial reasons,” Dr Tedros said.

“These bilateral arrangements run the risk of fanning the flames of vaccine inequity,” Dr Tedros further said.

High-income countries currently hold a confirmed 4.6 billion doses, while low-middle income nations hold 670 million, according to research by the Duke Global Health Innovation Center.