1 year since Ranjan’s imprisonment: Victor Ivan questions Parliament

1 year since Ranjan’s imprisonment: Victor Ivan questions Parliament

The verdict given to former Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake is too severe, former Editor of the Ravaya newspaper Victor Ivan has said.

He made the observation while making a special statement on the first anniversary of the imprisonment of former MP Ranjan Ramanayake, which falls today.

One year ago, Ramanayake was sentenced to 04-years of rigorous imprisonment on charges of contempt of court.

Commenting on the matter, Victor Ivan further said Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) member Ramanayake should be released immediately.

Pointing out that even the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) has written to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa calling for Ramanayake’s release, he said the Union believes the imprisonment is a violation of human rights.

The former Editor of Ravaya further said that even if Ranjan’s actions were deemed wrong he should have been warned like in other nations and not issued such a severe punishment.

Pointing out the wrongdoings of the Judicial sector, he requested that the judiciary must not use excessive force to penalize people.

Victor Ivan also highlighted that the Parliament has failed to represent and protect its member.

Meanwhile, a group of Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MPs including Harin Fernando visited Ranjan Ramanayake in prison today.

Following the visit, the MPs told the media that Ramanayake is facing the situation courageously.

They further said that the SJB will launch a large-scale campaign today to obtain a presidential pardon for Ranjan Ramanayake.

courtesy NewsWire