14 year-old girl gang raped in Tissamaharama

“I’m dying…

If I had done wrong to my family, relatives or friends, I’m sorry.

I love my friends and family.”

Above is the final letter written by a 14-year-old girl, to her parents, friends, and family.

This young girl took her own life after she was gang-raped by three young men -one of them was her boyfriend.

The three men who raped her, may not have put the rope around her neck…

But are they guilty of murder?

The Incident

She left her house in Weerawila, Hambantota after receiving a call from her boyfriend.

The following day, the victim’s family found her hanging from a tree.

She was hospitalized. However, she died later while receiving treatment at the Hambantota General Hospital ‘Intensive Care Unit’.

The post-mortem conducted by the Police confirms that she was raped. Her body samples will be sent to the Government analyst for further investigations.

Weerawila Police found and arrested the three suspects in the Yala Forest Reserve.

If YOU or ANYONE you know should ever feel that ending your life is the ONLY WAY OUT, THERE IS HELP, 

Contact: Women’s Help Line –1938

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