Authorities take steps to limit number of vehicles entering Yala National Park

The Department of Wildlife Conservation has decided to limit the number of vehicles carrying tourists into Yala National Park.

Accordingly, only 300 vehicles will be permitted to tour the national park for a day.

The Department said, the Minister of Mass Media and Information, Gamini Jayawickrama Perera, had taken this decision considering the security of wild life.

However, the decision did not immediately take effect due to a protest launched by the safari drivers.

According to the Department of Wildlife Conservation, the number of vehicles entering the national park was reduced to a certain extent after submissions were made to the subject minister.

The number of vehicles entering the Yala sanctuary daily had earlier, exceeded 450.

Environmental lawyer and activist, Jagath Gunawardena, stated that the number of vehicles that toured the park exceeded the limit, thereby disturbing the free movement of wild animals.

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