Salaries of all public employees to go up by 22% from this month

The National Trade Union Front (NTUF) says that the basic salary of all public servants will be increased by 22% from 01st of January.

The union points out that under the previous government no pay hike had been granted for the 10 years since 2006 but under the current government since 2015 has increased the base salary of a laborer by Rs. 7,512 and for a ministry secretary by Rs. 30,684.

The Chairman of the National Trade Union Front Saman Ratnapriya says in response to a union demand the current government decided to add both the Rs. 10,000 granted in 2015 and an allowance amounting to 20% of base salary being given at the time as part of the base salary.

He points out that due to increase in the base salary, the overtime payments, vacation allowances and public holiday allowances will also increase as well as the amount that can be obtained from banks or other institutions as loans.

According to the revision, from the 1st of January this year, the base salary for laborers is increased by Rs. 2,504. Increase in base salary for a Management Assistant (NM2) will be Rs 2,990, the nursing service will be Rs. 3,381, the Health Service (SL2) will be 4,567 rupees and permanent secretary of will be Rs 10,227.

The union leader says the salary increase is a massive victory won by the union on behalf of the government servants.


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