Basic salary of public workers will be increased by Rs. 2500 from the 1st of January

State sector employees in Sri Lanka will get a Rs. 2500 raise in their basic salaries from the 1st of January.

The third stage of the salary increase of Rs.10,000 granted to public servants will be effective fromĀ  January 1, the Treasury announced.

The Good Governance government which assumed office on January 8, 2015, pledged to increase salaries of public employees by Rs. 10,000 in four annual sages of Rs. 2,500 each from 2016 up to 2020.

Initially an interim allowance of Rs. 2500 was given in the first stage, without being added to the basic salary.

The Cabinet of Ministers in 2016 approved the revision of salaries in the state sector and decided to add a special allowance of Rs. 10,000 to the basic salary of public employees.

The Treasury mentioned that state employees as well as those going on retirement are entitled to many benefits.

The increase in the basic salary entitles for an increase in the overtime as well as in the procurement of disaster loans. The retirement payments as well as the pensions will increase accordingly.


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