The Day Brief of December 25, 2017

1. Sri Lanka sets two records for 2017: Highest number of Dengue cases at 180,988; Highest-ever traffic fines collected from the public at Rs.1,958,821,220

2. Policeman-turned-UNP Politician Minister Palitha Range Bandara promoted directly from Sub-Inspector to Assistant Superintendent of Police on the recommendation of the “independent” Police Commission

3. Beleaguered Sri Lankan Airlines Directors who are under fire from many quarters finally offer to resign

4. Former Media Minister and Joint Opposition MP Keheliya Rambukwella scoffs at speculation that he is to defect to the SLFP: asks what has happened to the so-called Volkswagen factory

5. UNP State Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran says LTTE leader Prabhakaran would not have lost his life if the UNP candidate at the 2005 Presidential election, Ranil Wickremesinghe had won the election

6. Local Government Polls incidents on the rise: 25 arrested so far

7. President Sirisena says he will act on the Bond Scam Commission Report, whatever obstructions are encountered: also says SriLankan and MihinLanka would be probed by a Presidential Commission: UNP and SLFP to have talks soon about extending the National Government

8. Disunity in the SLFP ranks: General Secretary Duminda Dissanayake publicly rebukes Minister Dilan Perera’s comments pertaining to Local Government elections stance of the SLFP

9. Special Audit on the distribution of lands in Wilpattu sanctuary reveals that Minister Rischard Badiuddeen has no powers to allocate lands in the area

10. Christian Affairs Minister John Amaratunga who requested his supporters to thrash and chase away opponents, in a Christmas message asks the public to become “loving” citizens: PM Wickremesinghe says the Holy Bible tells us that good trees bear good fruit

Have a fruitful and good Christmas Monday

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