Elections Commission reveals time of LG Elections

The Elections Commission states that they expect to hold the elections of all local government bodies before February 15, 2018.

According to Additional Elections Commissioner Saman Ratnayake, an announcement calling in for nominations for 208 local government bodies will be issued by December 4 or 5.

The accepting of deposits for 93 local government institutions began on November 27,, along with the acceptance of nominations for those bodies. Deposits for the 93 local government bodies can be made until 12 noon of the 13th.

Furthermore, nominations will be accepted from December 11 – 14. It is mandatory for all candidates contesting for the elections to make a deposit.

Thereby a candidate for an independent group has to make a deposit of 50,000 rupees while a candidate of a political party should make a deposit of Rs.1,500.

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