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Nawaloka Polysacks Pvt Ltd has regained ownership and control of its factory in the UAE.


Nawaloka Polysacks Sharjah has regained ownership and control of their factory and business in the UAE.

The Sharjah Court ruled that Nawaloka Polysacks Sharjah had never left the ownership of Upali Dharmadasa and the company that he majority owned, Nawaloka Polysacks Pvt Ltd.  The Court ordered the return of the business in its entirety to Mr Upali Dharmadasa.

The Court also ordered significant financial reparations to be paid latest by March 3rd 2020.

The order was made against Nawaloka Construction Company of Sri Lanka and Mr Jayantha Dharmadasa.

The court order resulted in the continuation of employment for over 100 members of mainly Sri Lankan staff.

The factory when setup in 1999 was only the third within the Sharjah International Airport Free Zone.

Nawaloka Polysacks Sharjah products are now exported around the world from the Zone.

Today the Zone itself is home to a host of businesses having grown in size to several hectares providing employment as well as commercial opportunities to a host of businesses.


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