North Korea fires two ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan

North Korea fires two ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan

Yesterday (25) North Korea fired two ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan, said the US and Japan. This comes days after North Korea reportedly fired two non-ballistic missiles into the Yellow Sea.

No debris has fallen within its territorial waters, said Japan.

Japan and South Korea have both condemned this test.

US President, Joe Biden is yet to make an official comment.

Mr Biden says the US did not consider the two non-ballistic missiles a provocation, as they were short-range missiles that were thought to be either artillery or cruise missiles, which are not banned under the UN Security Council resolutions on North Korea.

Thursday’s (25) test also comes days after the US received its first North Korean in custody after Mun Chol Myung was extradited from Malaysia. Mr Mun is a businessman accused of laundering money through the US financial system to provide luxury items to North Korea.

The incident angered North Korea so much it cut off diplomatic ties with Malaysia.

Japanese officials said North Korea fired the two missiles after 07:00 local time on Thursday (20:00 GMT Wednesday). They flew 420km and 430km respectively before landing in waters outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone. There was no damage inflicted to ships or aeroplanes.