Paddy destroyed in Ampara after years in storage

The price of a Kilogram of rice has exceeded Rs 75 across many areas in the country.

There are a reports of a stock of paddy being kept in a storage facility in Ampara for thirteen years, and never released to market.

Over 1000 kilogrammes of paddy which was stored at the Namalthalawa Agrarian Services Centre in Ampara was set ablaze yesterday, January 08.

According to an official, the destroyed paddy was the harvest from the 2005 and 2006 Maha cultivation seasons.

Futhermore, he stated that the stock of paddy was not suitable for consumption by both humans and animals and was destroyed following a directive from a senior officer.

During the past ten years, a shortage of rice arose in the country due to many reasons,including flash floods, forcing the government to import rice.

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