Sajin Vaas Gunawardena the well-known former Monitoring MP on Foreign Affairs has issued a public challenge to veteran politico Danasiri Amerasingha asking for a public debate on allegations Mr Amerasingha is said to have posted on social media.


The outspoken former Member of Parliament took to social media himself to issue the direct challenge to a debate with ‘facts and figures’ as he put it.


It is rather ironic that you say I should be in jail. I am not with the current government or any person in governance. When fabricated cases are file the truth always comes out.


Danasiri if you remember you came to our camp then through me. All that’s water under the bridge. However if you are calling me a rogue then you must strongly look at where you stand currently and the hero worshipping that you seem to be doing .


Now that you have stated your position I challenge you for an open debate.


You will then have the opportunity of telling the whole world what I have done to be called a rogue as per you and I will also bring all the facts, figures etc of all the projects and transactions etc to be in the open.


Now please have the courage to accept this. As you have posted this on Azams post I will kindly request Azam to host this. Will also make a public invite to you over the media.


Lets see whether you will have the courage to accept this.