Sri Lanka Army Chief emphasizes on 5R concept to strengthen civil-military partnership

The ‘5R Concept’ of Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Reintegration, Resettlement and Reconciliation will help to build up the bridge to strengthen civil-military partnership, Sri Lanka’s Army Chief emphasized.

Commander of Sri Lanka Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake said it is important for the military to engage with the civil society through dialogue in order to prevent radicalization which will lead to terrorism.

“Radicalization always has tendency to give birth to violent extremism and later into terrorism. The reasons that would lead to radicalization are diverse and forms of violent extremism would definitely develop into terrorism unless we arrest its behavior and levels of intensity,” the Commander said.

The Army Commander delivering a formal lecture themed on ‘Unity of Effort Building Civil-Military Partnership to Counter Violent Extremism’ Student Officers reading for the Passed Staff College (psc) degree at the Defense Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) at Sapugaskanda on Thursday spoke on a wide range of issues that were associated with the birth of violent extremism, its gradual expansion and measures needed to be adopted to avoid recurrence of violence, etc.

In his address, the Commander specifically covered notions of radicalization, violent extremism, de-radicalization, civil-military partnerships to respond to radicalization and the Sri Lankan perspective in addressing such concerns.

He maintained that the need of the hour was to assist the government’s ongoing reconciliation process, through which the Army too could contribute by building civil-military partnerships, which is essential and important to counter violent extremism and sustain hard-earned peace. This could be more practical if the Army too would follow the engagement and assistance policy for this civil-military partnerships in today’s context, he underlined.

“Engaging the society through dialogue and understanding whilst providing assistance are the key factors to reduce the appeal of extremism and to provide possible alternatives and this has been amply exhibited right throughout after the Sri Lankan conflict was over. Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Reintegration, Resettlement and Reconciliation, more popularly known as the 5R concept,” the Commander said, would help build up the bridge to strengthen civil-military partnership.


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