Is Sri Lanka obsessed over constructing ‘Fly-Overs’?

The ‘rushed’ flyover in Rajagiriya has failed to deliver the desired result, which is easing traffic congestion.

With that plan not going well, the people have now begun to question the arbitrary spending of public funds on allegedly poorly planned developments.

More on the way!

According to people, congestion in Rajagiriya may be worse than it used to be.

Meanwhile, the government has decided to construct three more flyovers. These are expected to be completed in two years.

Following are the areas where the new flyovers will be constructed;

  • Kirulapone: Kirulapone Junction towards the tail end of the Baseline Road – Distance: 330 meters
  • Kohuwala: On Dutugemunu Street, for traffic on the Colombo-Horana Road – Distance: 220 meters
  • Yangalmodara: Distance – 410 meters

How will they be funded?

The funds for the projects will be from a a concessionary interest free loan of 52 Million Euros from the Hungarian Government, according to the Ceylon Today newspaper.

Framework agreements for the three flyovers have already been signed and the credit agreements will be signed in due course

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