State Minister Bandara says those who came on bicycles did not reduce fuel prices when in power

Attending a ceremony in Anamaduwa today, State Minister, Palitha Range Bandara addressed the workers of the United National Party

The Minister stated:

The oil prices were not reduced when it was reduced in the world market. During this time, the fishing community staged a protest urging that the prices of kerosene oil be reduced sothat they can sell fish at a reasonable price.

He alleged that, Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government, “killed people who requested the prices to be reduced. For example killing Anthony Fernando in Chilaw and wounding five others at the same time.”

“A person who acted in this way in the past, came on a bicycle when a fuel crisis occurred in the country. He did not reduce the prices when he was in power, said the state minister, who went on to point out that “he is now trying to be an ethical politician” by behaving in this manner.