Beware of crocodiles in Colombo’s waterways

Beware of crocodiles in Colombo’s waterways

The Wildlife Department warned the public to be vigilant when using rivers, lakes and canals in Colombo as there was a high possibility of crocodiles languishing in these waterways.

Wildlife Conservation Department Director General Chandana Sooriyabandara told the Daily Mirror this while commenting on a video of a crocodile being seen in the Bolgoda River.

“The Bolgoda River is a habitat for crocodiles, and there might be a large number of crocodiles living in the rivers, lakes and streams in Colombo. Accordingly, Diyawannawa, Bolgoda Lake South and Kelani Ganga are found to be the habitats for crocodiles for a long time,” he said.

This is a common incident, and it comes up as a topic only when people see it. Therefore, the Director General urged the people to be very careful and watchful when walking along these streams.

“It is not practical, and no scientific method has been used to remove crocodiles from their habitat. Even though we remove them, they come back to the same habitat again. Removing crocodiles from their habitat is not the correct thing to do,” he said.

courtesy dailymirror