CDB Corporate Finance Strengthens SMEs with Dynamic Value Added Services

CDB Corporate Finance Strengthens SMEs with Dynamic Value Added Services

Sustaining and developing Sri Lanka’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) is critical in generating economic growth and prosperity. Government statistics estimate SMEs account for 35% of total employment and contribute an impressive 50% to Gross Domestic Production (GDP).

However, despite their substantial economic value the country’s SMEs continue to face many challenges.  Additionally, with Sri Lanka emerging as a vibrant economy in South Asia poised for aggressive growth through impending preferential trade access with regional countries, it is vital for SMEs to develop and compete internationally.

Dedicated to supporting SMEs and boost entrepreneurial innovation, the corporate finance arm of Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) has commenced helping to drive this vital segment of the economy to greater heights.

Explaining CDB’s role in empowering SMEs, CDB Executive Director/Corporate Finance Roshan Abeygoonawardana said, “We understand that while SMEs play an integral role in Sri Lanka’s economy, and contribute significantly to employment and economic activity in the country, many small businesses continue to face difficulties in transforming their innovative ideas into commercially-viable projects. By offering financial solutions and value-added services we can help reshape their financial landscape and foster dynamic enterprises.”

For over two decades CDB has accumulated extensive knowledge on the sectors of the economy and is an ideal partner to understand the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs providing a customized package of well-structured services.

CDB’s value proposition on advisory services for SMEs aims to help improve their performance through better access to finance, capacity building and attracting private sector participation. CDB offers capital and debt restructuring, conducting project and financial feasibilities, supporting strategic decision making, sourcing finance requirements and assisting with valuations to raise capital or divestments, mainly in the share market.

Led by experienced professionals, CDB advises clients in debt syndication and structured corporate finance. CDB’s strong relationships with players in the finance sector ensures ready assistance in arranging and procuring debt and equity from financial institutions, banks or capital markets for business expansion.

Working closely with SMEs, CDB provides bespoke solutions for project financing and also arranging venture capital for start-ups which require investment for aspirational projects. CDB also assists SMEs navigate implementation of an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) as a viable employee incentive scheme.

CDB Margin trading provides the opportunity for financial leverage when investing in the stock market and enhances the expected return on investment resulting in increased wealth.

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