Only Five Countries to play Test Cricket in next Ten Years, Says Pietersen

Former Maverick England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has made a rather bold statement that in next 10 years’ time, only a handful of nations will be left playing test cricket. He feels a decade from now, only teams likes India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa and England will be the five nations that will be participating in Test cricket.

“Here we go – in 10yrs the only cricket Test playing nations will be, England, SA, India, Pakistan & Australia. The rest will all be white ball cricketers! Just remember this tweet!” he wrote on his twitter handle.

Interestingly, he left out teams like New Zealand, Sri Lanka and West Indies as he pointed towards a future the game, which will be radically different from today’s time, according to him.

His opinion has come just few hour after England batsman Alex Hales announced to play only white ball cricket for his county from now onwards. Earlier, Adil Rashid, the maverick spinner of England, announced the same.

Ironically, KP felt that the Kiwis won’t be a part of this format in future despite them doing well recently and being above England in the ICC Test rankings as well.

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