Growing anxiety over delayed fertiliser shipment

Growing anxiety over delayed fertiliser shipment

A shipment of fertiliser, which was due to arrive in the country has been delayed by a couple of days, notes the Ministry of Agriculture.

During a recent cabinet media briefing, it was revealed that a shipment of fertiliser was due to arrive on the 3rd of this month.

However, it was later learned that the shipment will now arrive on Monday, January 8, due to delays in loading.

A shipment of 20,200 metric tonnes is due to arrive from Oman.

The Fertiliser Secretariat notes that the 40,000 metric tonnes of fertiliser which has been dispatched from Pakistan, based on a request by the President, will also reach the country within a week.

Farmers in the country are facing many struggles dues to the shortage of fertiliser. Areas  as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Hambantota have been most affected.

The secretariat notes that they are taking measures to distribute 2000 metric tonnes of fertiliser currently stored in warehouses in the area.

Meanwhile, farmers raised concerns regarding the lack of fertiliser during the Ampara district Agriculture meeting held yesterday, January 4.  Speaking out about the issues they face, farmers said:

“Our income will drop by nearly 70% because we don’t receive the fertiliser on time. There are farmers who have not received a single bit of fertiliser for over a month.”

“First we didn’t have fertiliser, then we didn’t have water on time. Now there is no urea fertiliser as well.”

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