No power to change women’s representation – CaFFE

No power to change women’s representation – CaFFE

Sri Lanka election watchdog, Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) says the allegation that the number of local council members has increased due to female representation is unacceptable.

Executive Director of the Keerthi Tennakoon speaking to local media stated that this situation has arisen due to the arbitrary changes made in the ratio of members selected under the proportional and divisional election system based on political needs.

Tennakoon pointed out that earlier it was proposed to use a 70% from divisional system and 30% from proportional system but later changed it to 60-40% without any prior examination of the election methodology.

He said when the Local Government Act was presented to the Parliament, it had been mentioned that 70% of the divisional system and 30% of the proportional representation were selected and the demarcation was done in accordance with it.

But later in the Parliamentary Select Committee it was changed to 60% to 40% without any analytical analysis of the election system and therefore the number of members increased by 40% – 45%.

Tennakoon said the recent local government election could be considered as a time that small political parties and groups have gained the highest political power in the history of Sri Lanka.

Noting that certain parties attempt to ignore the election laws saying that they have a problem with regard to women’s representation, the CaFFE director pointed out that the Election Commission or any political force has no legal power to change the laws under which the election was held.


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