Petroleum authorities say distribution of petrol has been restored

Authorities say the distribution methods of petrol has been restored following the arrival of the vessel Nevaska Lady on November 8.

Managing Director of the Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Ltd, Sanjeewa Wijeratne said that petrol can be purchased from fuel stations in the regular manner. The petrol crisis transpired as the fuel, which was brought to the country by Lanka IOC, was rejected, as it did not meet quality standards.

In this backdrop, long queues were seen at fuel station around the country, prompting a fuel crisis.

The Ministry of Petroleum Resource Development says that adequate action will be taken against fuel stations which refused to sell diesel during the time when petrol was depleted.

Secretary to the Ministry, Upali Marasinghe, said that the legal action will be taken against the fuel stations which acted in this manner, after analysing the premise of the wrong-doing.

The secretary further noted that another vessel carrying fuel is expected between November 11 and 12.