President appoints committee to “further probe” SAITM

President appoints committee to “further probe” SAITM

Just when Sri Lanka thought the SAITM problem is done and dusted, there are reports to say it is  not.

President Maithripala Sirisena has appointed another committee, this time with nine members, to probe further i to the issues surrounding SAITM’s Private Medical College.

Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva will be heading this committee which also consists of one member each from

  • GMOA
  • Medical Faculty Lecturers Association
  • Medical Student’s Parents Association.

Why another committee?

This committee is tasked with looking into implementing the recommendations submitted by the earlier committee and other issues which were not resolved through the earlier report.

The president has called on all parties, including the parents of medical students, to refrain from engaging in fasts and Satyagrahas, and instead, resolve the issues through discussions.