Someone wanted Min. Ranatunga to accept the rejected fuel stock

Someone wanted Min. Ranatunga to accept the rejected fuel stock

Sri Lanka is currently facing a fuel crisis, having rejected one shipment belonging to LIOC and another shipment ordered by CEYPETCO being late.

In the latest developments, a special press brief was called in by the Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga today (November 6).

Min. Ranatunga said at the brief that there is enough fuel in state reserves to distribute until November 9.

He confirmed that the CEYPETCO shipment will arrive in Sri Lanka late November 8, thereby solving the current situation by November 9.

Making an unexpected move most Sri Lankans have not seen from Ministers before, Arjuna Ranatunga apologized from the public for the inconvenience caused.

‘An attempt to influence’

The Minister revealed at the press brief that certain individuals, politicians and businessmen attempted to pressure / influence the minister into accepting the substandard oil shipment which was rejected.

He also said that he was offered money to do so and added that he rejected all attempts.

Min. Ranatunga also pointed out that the tanker carrying substandard oil is still anchored at the Trincomalee harbor.

Fuel stations

Meanwhile the minister said all fuel stations have been informed to carryout fuel distributions without any interruption.

He also said that legal action will be taken against filling stations which say they do not have fuel while in possession of fuel.

The minister finally noted that an investigation will be launched to track down the source of the SMS alert which caused the panic.