As Sri Lanka’s confirmed cases of COVID19 infected shot through the 500 barrier to 557 the country’s chief of Medical Services, Dr Anil Jasinghe urged suspected victims to come clean with their movements. Dr Jasinghe has urged his fellow citizens to refrain from being economical with the truth and to simply be frank and open in their disclosures as to their movements and their contacts.

Sri Lanka’s President Nandasena Gotabya Rajapaksa has not given any indication if he will break away from the planned for parliamentary election on the 20th of June. The date was announced by the country’s Electoral chief Mahinda Deshapriya. He pointedly delayed it beyond the 2nd of June when the constitutional provision for a three month period would come to an end and chose 20th June instead.

Some viewed this as the Chairman of the Elections Commission own way of saying ‘if anyone is unhappy’ they could always go to the Supreme Court.

Traipsing to the highest court in the country is no easy task for the average citizen. However there are a number of organisations and others with leverage to knock at the door of the last bastion of hope, better known as the Supreme Court.

Most will be keen to find out if indeed the President has the powers to dip into the General Treasury’s Consolidate Fund to pay the bills. Bills that are infinitely higher than he envisaged when parliament voted on account instead of an interim budget arrangement.

Opposition lawmaker Abraham Sumanthiran a legal man turned politician is likely to turn to law again: Sumanthiran maintains that under Article 150 (3) the Parliament has in fact made provision for the expeNditure until the 30th of April.

All the Presidents Men disagree saying instead that parliament has merely voted on account. Sumanthiran says that is a form of provisioning.

With disagreements such as these it is clear that someone somewhere will knock at the bastion of last hope. Sri Lanka in the meantime will continue on its voyage of discovery. That voyage is discovering increasing number of COVID19 infected patients.

That same discovery is bound to discover that the people of the country hardly have an appetite for exercising their constitutional right for elections. Most want to know when the country can go back to work with the population desperately chasing for that most elusive commodity: cash.