• Leadership in sales aptly recognised by the country’s marketing fraternity
  • CDB’s intense training and leadership development amply rewarded

The NASCO Awards held annually to recognise and reward sales leadership organised by the apex national marketing body in the country, the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing saw its timely theme of ‘Prepare to take charge’ fittingly crown members of one of the country’s most dedicated, committed and proven sales teams. Citizens Development Business Finance (CDB) has always espoused team skills in marketing and sales as an integral facet to its continued success, which has placed the company now among the Top Seven entities in the NBFI sector, no mean feat in an intensely competitive financial services sector.  CDB was very proud to have three of its team members wear the exalted NASCO crowns as Territory Manager and Frontliners – Lalith Peiris winning gold as Territory Manager and Nadeeka Geethani from the Ragama Branch and Prisad Jayamal from the Mahara Branch winning bronze as Frontliners.

Nadeeka Geethani from the CDB Ragama Branch won Bronze in the Frontliners category at the NASCO Awards 2017.
Prisad Jayamal from the Mahara branch won Bronze in the Frontliners category at the NASCO Awards 2017.

Winning Territory Manager Lalith Peiris who faced an interview with the panel of judges and had to make a 10 minute presentation on the two main evaluation criteria of Capacity and Capability said that being awarded the highest award as a Territory Manager is surely a reflection of not only his individual abilities but also CDB’s continuous commitment to having a winning sales team.  “Our training and development initiatives have always been many steps ahead, designed to anticipate paradigms in sales while optimising our inherent skill and talent to meet our individual aspirations and add value to CDB’s vision.”

Winning Gold as Territory Manager, CDB’s Lalith Peiris accepts his award at the NASCO Awards 2017

The two Frontliners who won bronze awards, Nadeeka Geethani and Prisad Jayamal have now proven that they have the ability to move up their career path undertaking the imperative responsibilities that come with such roles. Having exampled past successes that showcase their progressive thought processes in pushing the sales trajectory upwards at the evaluation process, they said, “We are truly honoured to have been recognised for our efforts by the national body for marketing. This proves that the intense training and development we continue to receive at CDB are of immense value in the macro sales environment and is surely what is needed in this fast evolving corporate sphere.”

For CDB, the NASCO wins reiterate its commitment to developing a world class sales force who thrive on challenges, exploit opportunities, think beyond the norm and are on a quest for excellence.  “We are indeed proud to have forged and nurtured a winning team that has unequivocally proven that they are the best,” says CDB MD/CEO Mahesh Nanayakkara.  “Winning the prestigious NASCO awards which heralds the country’s best sales personnel highlights that CDB truly has a team that is built on the platform of excellence and we intend growing that team to be the best there is.”

CDB is a public quoted leader in the Non-Banking Financial Institution Sector in Sri Lanka with an island wide branch network that is driven by a state of the art technological platform that has revolutionized the way financial transactions are performed in this country. This multi-award winning corporate leader has been recognized as one of the Best Ten Corporate Citizens of Sri Lanka by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and as one of the Most Valuable Brands in the country by Brand Finance Sri Lanka in addition to gaining laurels for its stringent governance focus, pioneering green practices, sustainability initiatives and business processes from prestigious entities.

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