TNA’s statement in Muslim burial rigths

TNA’s statement in Muslim burial rigths

The press statement from the Tamil National Alliance

The Parliamentary Group of the Tamil National Alliance, at its meeting held on 19th December 2020 unanimously took the following decision:

It is compulsory to arrive at a final decision with regard to the disposal of bodies of our Muslim brethren who die of COVID19 without delay.

It appears that in the view of medical experts, burial of bodies would not result in any harm to others. It would also appear that in many countries the world over, bodies are being buried on the basis that no harm would accrue to any others.

In the circumstances we state that it is obligatory on the part of the government to discuss this issue with the Muslim leaders and come to a reasonable and just decision without any further delay.

The denial of the right of the Muslim people to dispose of their dead bodies in keeping with the tenets of their religion, is a violation of their fundamental right, and should not continue.