Committee to consider eliminating child abuse

Committee to consider eliminating child abuse

A special committee will be appointed to look into the recommendations made by the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF), based on its report on Sri Lanka’s justice system in order to eradicate crimes against children, Foreign Employment and Justice Minister Thalatha Atukorale said, yesterday.

She gave this assurance at a ceremony held to introduce a report titled ‘A Legal and Institutional Assessment of Sri Lanka’s Justice System for Children,’ which was compiled by the UNICEF. It was presented to the Minister by UNICEF Country Representative Tim Sutton.

Minister Atukorale said the report would greatly help the government’s efforts to create a safer environment for children.

In order to achieve this, she said a committee would liaise between government institutions such as the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs, Child Protection Authority, Police and the Attorney General’s Department, which would provide resources for this cause.

According to the report, the minister said, the UNICEF had proposed the procedures to be followed to ensure child safety and steps to be adopted to reduce child abuse.

Meanwhile, she said the Justice Ministry had taken all measures necessary to complete Court cases dealing with crimes against children on the instructions of the Attorney General’s Department.

“The UNICEF has launched many programs with the support of the Justice Ministry that had helped to reduce child abuse in the country. It, however, remains the responsibility of the parents and officers of the Child Protection Authority to ensure that this becomes a reality,” she said.

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