Mass grave in Mannar in Northern Sri Lanka unearths 62 human skeletons

Skeletal remains of 62 people and human bones have been unearthed so far from the mass grave found in Mannar in Northern Sri Lanka since excavations began 46 days ago.

Following the discovery of human remains on 26 March at the old Sathosa building in Mannar, further digging at the site was continued under the supervision of Mannar magistrate M Prabhakaran. The excavation of the site started on May 28.

The excavated skeletal remains have been sealed and placed at the Mannar Magistrate’s Court complex.

Senior Judicial Medical Officer Saminda Rajapakse, who is leading the investigation, said the skeletal remains will be sent to a laboratory in Miami Florida for radiocarbon dating. However, a definite decision has not been made yet.

The town was occupied by the Tamil Tiger terrorists LTTE during Sri Lanka’s civil war between 1983 and 2009.

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