Speaker responds to JO’s rejection of India tour

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has informed MP Dinesh Gunewardena in writing that the invitation for the India tour wasn’t offered considering positions of the Opposition.

A group of Joint Opposition MPs including MP Dinesh Gunewardena had been invited by the Speaker recently, to join the party representatives’ tour on India, which is based on an invitation received from the Indian government.

However, MP Gunewardena had informed the Speaker that the JO parliamentarians would not be joining the Indian tour.

The Speaker points out that JO MPs were invited to the tour as representatives of various parties and groups in the parliament, while ministers like Mano Ganesan and Rishad Bathiudeen were also invited.

He further stated that it is regrettable that the JO has created a misunderstanding regarding the Opposition Leader position and this tour.

As MP Gunewardena had issued a statement to the media regarding the issue, this explanation has also been released to the media, although this is not an issue that should have reached the media, added the Speaker.

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