Sri Lanka last year seized over 332 kg of heroin worth Rs. 9.9 billion

The Police Narcotics Bureau says that 332.5 kilograms of heroin worth Rs. 9.9 billion were seized during the period from 1st January to 31st December 2017.

The police have arrested 29,690 persons have been arrested with the heroin, and 36 out of them were foreign nationals. Accordingly, 29,690 cases have also been filed in courts.

The Police Narcotics Bureau has been able to seize 4,990 kilograms of Marijuana worth Rs. 99.8 million and arrest 51,870 persons during the last year.

In addition, 29 people have been arrested with 220.65 kilograms of cocaine worth over Rs. 4.4 million.

The Police Narcotics Bureau said 35 people have ben arrested with 38.17 kilograms of hashish worth over Rs. 700,000.

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