Train drivers are getting paid over Rs. 200,000 – why are they asking for more?

Train drivers are getting paid over Rs. 200,000 – why are they asking for more?

The Railways Trade Union Strike is still going on for the 6th consecutive day.

On a normal day, Train services in Sri Lanka do around 350 daily runs. However today (December 12), only 40 runs were recorded.

Despite the continued strike, seven Trade Unions returned to work;

  • The Railway Signal and Telecommunication Supervisors
  • Railroad and Railways Bridge Supervisors
  • Railroad and Factory Supervisors
  • Railway Buildings Supervisory Managers
  • The Power Set Managers Union
  • Railway Locomotive and Technical Engineering Union
  • National Engineering Diploma Holders Union

Those who did not are;

  • Engineers
  • Guards
  • Station Masters

O/L students affected

The G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination got underway today. This year over 600,000 students are sitting for this milestone exam.

School students who rely on train services on a normal day, had to resort to other modes of transport.

“They get a salary of 150,000 to 250,000. What more are they asking for?” – The public.

Why are they striking?

The key demand – a raise in their basic salary and to be promoted by one grade.

Railway trade unions are demanding that a sum of Rs. 320 be added to their basic salaries.

However, health and postal unions say, if the demands of the railway workers are met, their salaries too should be amended accordingly.

How much is a train driver getting paid on average?

Around Rs. 200,000/-

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