The Day Brief of December 24, 2017

1. Government to relax laws against “bottom-trawling” fishing practice which is considered one of the most destructive and inhumane fishing practices in the world

2. Another record: Total number of work-days lost due to strikes reaches the highest-ever, with 41 strikes last year, and 104,327 work-days lost

3. Local shoe makers lose battle to stop large Indian shoe manufacturer’s entry into Sri Lanka

4. Inflation rises sharply: Rupee under pressure: Borrowings rise at the fastest pace ever: Sri Lanka’s international rankings drop in rule of law, corruption, ease of doing business, global competitiveness: However, British High Commissioner James Dauris says “it is an exciting time for doing business in Sri Lanka”

5. Pressure mounts on both President Sirisena and PM Wickremesinghe to “go it alone” from next year

6. Russian cyber hacker, 22 year Manokhin Fedor Raufovich in hiding in Colombo, after being given bail by Court of Appeal: Both US and Russia seek his extradition: Speculation that “Asbestos ban-Tea ban-Cyber Hacking- Old War Ship”, involving Russia are all “connected”

7. Leader of the Global Tamil Forum (one of the main international propaganda units of the LTTE during the war on terror), Father S J Emmanuel meets with Foreign Secretary Prasad Kariyawasam to discuss “peace”, more than 7 years after the war ended

8. Government Languages Department refers to Sri Lanka in the Tamil language as “Eelam”, according to one of its publications

9.Fertilizer shortage continues, unabated: Government now set to hurriedly import a massive quantity of Urea outside tender procedures, and thereby incur a staggering loss of millions of US dollars

10. Cardinal Ranjith urges all to safeguard children and the environment this Christmas season: Christian Affairs Minister John Amaratunga had previously urged his supporters to thrash and chase away detractors because the Government and Police are now under his Party’s control

Have a pious pre-Christmas Sunday

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