Petrol crisis update: Cabinet sub-committee commences gathering of information

The cabinet sub-committee, appointed by President Maithripala Sirisena, to investigate into the petrol crisis, has commenced the gathering of information.

Secretary to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development, Upali Marasinghe, said, the committee is due to compile and present a report in this regard.

Since November 3, the entire country suffered a shortage of fuel after a petrol consignment brought in by the Lanka Indian Oil Company was rejected.

This move led to long queues of vehicles, and people with cans anticipating fuel at almost all filling stations.

Upali Marasinghe said, the 5,500 metric tonne consignment of petrol brought to the country from the UAE on Wednesday, the 8th, has been distributed to filling stations.

President of the Petroleum Dealers Association, Raja Samaratunga, said sufficient amounts of fuel are reaching filling stations at present.

The Secretary to the Private Tank Owners’ Association of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, Shantha Silva, said the distribution of fuel was carried out until early this morning.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development has commenced an inquiry on certain filling stations that suspended providing diesel, when the petrol crisis arose.