Thousands of litres of substandard cooking oil surfaces in Dambulla raid

A stock of substandard coconut oil was discovered from Maadipola in Galewela following a raid. The raid was conducted after a tip-off was received by the Police STF in Dambulla.

The police states that an individual has been arrested in connection to the incident. The raid was carried out with the aid of a sleuth resulted in the discovery of 20,000 litres of palm and coconut oil.

According to the police, the production of substandard oil was a long-standing time exercise, carried out under the guise of a coconut oil mill. Samples of oil collected by Public Health Inspectors have been handed over to the Government Analyst’s Department for investigations.

The suspect arrested in connection to the incident is also alleged to be engaged in illegal treasure hunting. He is currently place in remand custody and will be produced before the Dambulla Magistrate’s Court on December 12.

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