Election Commissioner says Provincial elections can be held in December if parliament resolves the problems swiftly

Election Commission Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya says the Election Commission can hold the Provincial Council Election in early December once the legal and constitutional problems to the process are swiftly resolved.

He said resolving the issues regarding the new electoral system will enable the Election Commission to call for provincial council election nominations in mid-October for the Northern, Central, North-Western, Southern, Western and Eastern provinces.

Speaking to media at the Election Secretariat on Tuesday, Deshapriya said it would be the responsibility of Parliament to approve the Report of the Delimitation Committee for the Demarcation of Electorates in Provincial Councils, with a two-thirds majority clearing the way for the PC polls.

He said the Election Commission has sent a special request letter to the secretaries of all political parties requesting them to be committed to hold the Provincial Council Election as soon as possible.

He said the registration forms for the Electoral Register will be sent to Grama Niladhari officers by May. “The distribution of these forms will commence by mid-May and will conclude on July 30. By September we will be able to finish with the revisions on the electoral register,” he said.

Deshapriya said the commission will request for three months to prepare for the election. “The last time we prepared for a hasty election, we were thrown into a difficult position. So we will request for three months to prepare for the election,” Deshapriya said.

Deshapriya also said the Election Commission together with PAFFREL will hold a workshop today at the Water’s Edge for all political party representatives and other civil organizations on the necessity of holding the provincial council election.

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