Greek crime journalist shot dead

Greek crime journalist shot dead

Giorgos Karaivaz, a prominent Greek crime journalist has been shot dead near his home in Athens.

According to media reports, two men on a motorbike drew up beside him and the passenger opened fire at the journalist who was on his way home.

The Police said Karaivaz was hit at least six times with shots from a 9mm pistol, 17 bullet casings were collected from the scene.

The journalist was shot from a distance of approximately 5 metres as he emerged from his car outside his home.

Karaivaz had not received death threats and had no idea he might have been on a hitlist, colleagues said.

Speaking at the scene of the killing, Maria Antoniadou, the head of the journalists union ESIEA, said: “Whoever thinks that, in this way, they can silence journalists – there are another 6,099 who will investigate and demand to know what has happened.”

“I tried to park my car where he lay. I thought someone had fainted. He was lying face down … blood was flowing onto the sidewalk,” a woman who lives in the neighbourhood told reporters.

Killings of journalists are relatively rare in Greece. In July, the tabloid owner Stefanos Chios survived after being shot in the neck and chest by a hooded man outside his home. The case is still under investigation.

Eleven years ago, In 2010 radio manager, blogger and investigative journalist Socratis Giolias was gunned down on his doorstep by masked assailants who shot him sixteen times in front of his pregnant wife.