Cyclonic storm expected to enter Sri Lanka’s East Coast between 7 to 10pm.

Credit: NewsWire

Cyclonic storm ‘ BUREVI’ is expected to enter Sri Lanka’s East Coast between 7 pm – 10 pm, according to the Sri Lanka Met Department.

The Disaster Management Centre issued a warning stating that damages maybe be incurred.


  • Damage to huts, temporary shelters and light structures
  • Destroy the rooftops/ sheets etc.
  • Damage to power and communication lines.
  • Breaking of tree branches and uprooting of large avenue trees.
  • Damage to paddy crops, banana, papaya trees and orchards.
  • Damage to harbour yachts
  • Flash flood
  • Seawater inundation in low lying areas in the near coast.


For the Sea area: 

  • Naval and fishing communities are being warned not to venture to the sea areas around the island until further notice.
  • Those who are out at aforementioned sea regions are advised to return to coasts or moved safer areas as soon as possible.

For the Land area:

  • Coastal hutment dwellers are advised to move to safer places. Other people in the affected areas to remain indoors.
  • Beware of fallen trees and power lines.
  • Avoid using wired telephones and connected electric appliances during thunderstorms.
  • The general public is requested to be vigilant regarding the impending extreme weather situation.
  • For emergency assistance contact the local disaster management authorities.
  • Requested to be attentive about future advisories issued by the Department of Meteorology in this regard.