Luxury vehicle owners given grace period on tax concession

The grace period granted to luxury vehicle owners on tax concessions will end on November 30. According to the Commissioner General of Motor Traffic Jagath Chandrasiri, those who had failed to make the payments will be charged an additional fine of 5%.

Although it was first decided to levy a fine of 50% from tax, it was later reduced to 5%.

The luxury vehicle category includes petrol engines with an engine capacity of over 2,000 and an engine capacity of over 2,500 litres for diesel engines.

The petrol engine capacity of vehicles exceeding 1800 engine capacity and vehicles of diesel engine capacity exceeding 2201 include to the semi-luxury vehicle category.

Vehicles with the petrol engines with a capacity of more than 1800 and a diesel engine with a capacity of 2,200 belong to the semi-luxury dual category.

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